For Laura ( yodels2u) .. seeing breeder, wants 2 puppies

  • @yodels2u:

    I live in Pasadena, California. I just recently lost my 14 year old basenji to cancer. Me and my husband have had two basenjis that we have given the best life possible. We would love to have two puppies. I have a toddler in my life who lived with us for two years. She learned how to give him treats, make him sit and then give him his treats. Me and my husband are missing not having pups in the house. we have had 14 years of basenji experience. I am checking around for avaiable basenjis. If anyone can direct us to a reputable breeder, please do. Thank you.

    With the delay in posts showing up, thought I'd help Laura by making her a separate thread.

  • Maybe Pat (Tanza) can be of assistance since she is on the west coast…I don't know when she will breed again but perhaps she has some
    Good referrals for the upcoming season

  • Best suggestion is for them to visit breeders in So. California. I am breeding this year, but already have more reservations then puppies expected. Best to go to

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