• I am searching for a male red/white Basenji. I want to make sure the puppy is sweet. Has a good health. Has no defects. I was also wondering how much a male would be. Can I buy on at 8 weeks old? I am 16 and would love to share my home with another male Basenji. I dont know when I can get on here next though…but ill try.
    Take care
    Whitney (AkA Twiddles)

  • All right, first thing…I'm not letting my pups out of the house until they are at least 10wks old. Second, I would have to talk to your parents first to see if you are allowed a puppy. You can PM me with your phone number after you have talked with your mom/dad. 🙂

  • @annandael:

    I currently have 2 people on my waiting list now. If anyone else is interested please contact me. I will not breed my girl until I have a list with 6 people.


    Six seems like a lot of people for a waiting list? Maybe not…but if your bitch only has four pups, you will most likely keep one, and the stud owner may want one...then you will have to let four people down?

    Not trying to criticize...I never really thought about how many should be required for a waiting list. I think I would be really content with three of four on a list...but that's just me 🙂

  • I agree that six is quite a lot. Like Andrea, I think 3 is a nice number. With this litter I had to tell someone that I would not have a puppy for them. I helped them to find other breeders but it is still difficult. Since I breed infrequently, only a litter every 2-3 years waiting until the next litter is not realistic. How many puppies did Kiya's mom have? That is not always the best indication but it can give some.

  • I had a friend that bred a litter in Germany. She only had a few people on her list. Her bitch had 7 puppies! Not only that, but some backed out because they wanted red males and most of the reds were females. They would not consider a black. I want to think of worst case scenario.

    I also know for a fact that the stud owner doesn't want a puppy she only wants a fee.

    I have planned for this breeding since Kiya was 6 months old. I wanted to have a healthy line to breed with Kiya's. I only care for health, temperament and the standard.

    I know you guys are trying to help…but I don't want to have to worry about homes for my lil guys if Kiya does have a large litter. I also have friends that are part of my waiting list that will be more than happy to wait two years. Therefor, those who contact me will have priority. I'd like to keep a female...but a female that I would want to keep is not guaranteed.

    I also believe that Kiya's mother had 5 pups her last litter.

  • I have found that people tend to get worried and start looking elsewhere if they know there is a long waiting list. They know there is no garuntee there is going to be a puppy for them so they start to shop around and get on lots of lists. That only leads to a higher number of homes "falling thru" because 1 person may be on 2 or more breeders lists just to "be safe". I am just putting this out there as something else to consider.
    Also, though I get inquiries year round, I tend to get more during the fall and the majority come after the litter is bred or born though by then my pups have been spoken for. Many people just don't think about getting on waiting lists long before the litter is bred.
    Another thing is that the breeders here in Northern California are pretty good about giving referrals to one another and passing on puppy people if they do not have one available. It may be different in other areas but that can be very helpful.
    So though I want to have 3 people on my waiting list, I have not been too concerned about not being able to find homes if people do back out. In fact, with my last litter I did have a home back out when the pups were 5 weeks old. It all worked out in the end though.

  • Ah, and my female with have her litter in the Summer. 🙂 I have a few breeders I can refer to that will be breeding in the fall if I do not have a puppy for my buyers.

  • Your name: Danielle Johnston-Torrey

    Your city, state: Aurora, CO

    Your phone number: *e-mail for phone number

    Your email address: haus_annandael@yahoo.com

    Weight of Basenji(s) parents: 22lbs and I'm not sure about the male as of this time…assuming 25lbs

    Parents health tests:
    Kiya: Thyroid-Clear Eyes-Normal
    Marty: Thryoid-Clear
    (we are still having tests done..as the breeding won't take place until May/June 07)

    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc):
    PJ's Kenset Back to the Future AKC: HP091121/01 USA
    White Wind Anpu's Lil Secret AKC: HP082496/03 USA

    Price: $500

    Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home: 10-12wks (depending on where the puppy is to live. 10wks for Europe, 12 for US)

    Do you ship your Basenjis: Yes at buyers cost...would rather owner come to get pup.

    The Dam:

    The Sire:

  • That's me handling Marty in that win pic by the way. 😃

  • lol very nice job…they are VERY pretty dogs...and I love ur quote...its is a goodone...I also like this one:
    when you are born, you cry and the world is happy, when you die, the world cried and you're happy (because ur in heaven) Loves it like I loves my Bs lol take care

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