• I'm one of BRAT's Basenji mix coordinators. I am trying to move a little Basenji mix (who was pulled from a NC kill shelter) from his foster home in Fuquay Varina, NC to his new home in Cordova, TN.* This is my second attempt at this run. The date for this transport is Saturday, January 31 OR Sunday, February 1. His foster mom is willing to drive him west to about Statesville, NC, and his new family will drive to Nashville, TN to get him; I just need to fill the area in between.

    "Bongo" is an approximately 16 month old, 16 pound neutered male mix, who loves big and little people, and who is fine with other dogs, but not cats. He is crate trained, and I prefer that he ride in a crate, but he does not have one of his own, so if you could lend him one for your leg of the journey it would be much appreciated. Bongo's new family is excited to have him, Bongo needs to get started on the next stage of his new life, and the cat in his foster home will be glad to see him gone. Please, please consider helping with this run.

    If you are willing and able to help, please reply and let me know which city you are in, which day (the Sat or Sun) would be your preference, and how far you'd be willing to drive. Thank you very much for reading this.
    -Joanne giza.1@mcsnet.ca

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