Kosana and Khalani

I have posted a picture of my boy Khalani before when he was 4 months old. Here is a picture of Khalani and Kosana (my Minpin) after obedience training. Khalani is 11 months old in this picture, Kosana is 10 years old.


What a pair!

They are quite a team. Khalani causes trouble and blames Kosana for it!!

LOL poor Kosana. (unless Kosana DOES the mischief then blames Khalani for doing it and blaming)

Lol, I hadn't thought that, reverse psychology… It's possible I've been duped....hahaha!

They look to be mates, Kaiser is also 11 months very soon. Time seems to fly and I can see my boy maturing.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Khalani has a very sweet face 🙂


Khalani has a very sweet face 🙂

Awwww thanks. I think he's very handsome myself but I'm a little biased…lol

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