Since some of you agree that he might have some Basenji in him, i decided i'd post a few more pics of him and some videos i have of him on youtube !

This is a video of him hunting and killing a lizard, he usually doesn't kill them and i let them go somewhere else but this time the poor thing didn't stand a chance..

This is him playing with one of his girlfriends !

In this two videos he climbs a wall that's about 1,70m in two different ways

Now the funny video

I usually do it with my jacket on but this time i had only a thin sweater and he slipped of a bit and didn't make the jump, don't worry though he didn't hurt himself and didn't touch the wall with anything but his paws

As you can see he does that jump fairly easy and didn't mind trying again right away:

And last but not least, the video of one of the highest jumps he does:

And also, a few pictures !

He seems very basenji to me- especially the first picture of h trying to squeeze into that bed; such a B thing to me…I bet he has some in him!

Eheh thanks ! I've also seen a couple pics of B's that do the same thats one of the reasons i posted that one eheh !

Wow you must have a very close relationship with him for him to do the wall tricks for you. Yes the bed thing is very basenji like, they seem to love being tightly packed when they sleep. You must have a lot of fun with him, he seems very happy.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Thanks ! He's the happiest dog I've met or had ! We really do have a tight bond, I've always trained him with positive reinforcement and I clicker trained him into doing pretty much everything he knows but yeah it is quite hard and different from training other dogs because he's always looking for something to do on his own and you can tell by at least one of the wall videos that he tries to wonder off.. And about the bed thing, that bed used to belong to our cats ! I have different one wich is bigger and a few more places for him to sleep but he chose that bed, wherever i put the bed he tried to sleep there so i just gave up and its his bed now lol.. if you notice the red thing behind him is a coca-cola bean bag wich is like 6 times his size and thats like his bed but he almost never uses it unless i put 'his' bed, a rug or something over it so he can dig and make his nest…

Edit: I don't have a camera at the moment but i will try to film and upload videos of the tricks he knows !

That paw held up is so B to me! Butu does that outside shops and people just flock to him…

Eheh people love Neymar aswell especially kids ! He usually runs like that when he's just playing just like a horse trotting but yeah even when hes smelling the grass or just plain cold he will get a paw up a be on three legs and he looks like a flamingo xD

First Basenji's

I am in love with this dog. He is so cleaver! I prefer purebred B's BUT he has such cool style and I love his coloring and silly lil tail!

Thank you ! i also love the fact that he's chocolate coloured and he is the smartest ! almost like if he was part B part collie ! Distractions appart he learns really fast !

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