Looking for puppy or younger basenji near Chicago north suburbs

It has been over a year since we had to let our 16.5 year old basenji go due to old age. We got her as a rescue when she was 4 mo. from Hammond, IN. Ready to start again. Signed up for BRAT -only offered older dogs so far. Any suggestions for finding a puppy or younger basenji close enough to Chicago to drive and pick up?

Check with breeders on the BCOA site, many have young males that have finished their championship and are looking for a home.

I was just at a show and met with a breeder who has four basenji puppies available, I believe they are three black and white and one red?

She is in the Chicago area pm me I I will give you her contact info

Be sure to check for yourself the health testing…. at www.offa.org you need their registered names and/or number… or the name entered to record the test.

And check out www.newworldbasenjis.net, they are planning a litter this fall

Thanks for letting me know about these pups. I got a wonderful boy from Michelle Gaghan Rafikis Basenjis this spring so no longer looking.

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