• our 10 year old Bella has been diagnosed with spindle cell cancer. The vet says nothing has metastasized yet but since the tumor started on her hind foot the best defense is to amputate the leg and give her chemo. the tumor was stage 3 and the margins were not clear so we were told yesterday by a vet oncologists to amputate would be her recommendation . I am devastated. to do this to her seems unthinkable. they tell us there is no guarantee it still wont come back somewhere else and that chemo does not affect dogs like it does humans. Bella acts as though nothing is wrong with her. I am afraid that if we can come up with the funds if this will give her more time with us. Will it change her personality ? how can it not. The vet says if we do nothing there is a 40 60% chance the tumor will come back to the same area and spread quickly. Our other basenji ,Geddy has the fatty tumors so I never dreamed Bella's was dangerous. Has anyone had to make the decision to amputate at 10years old? we are so torn.

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