• Hey! This is my first post here and I want to introduce you to my dog Tom!
    I don't think I could have found a better pup for me. He's very energetic and he ate a couch, but we are trying to stop it, he's making progress and I'm sure that when he gets older he will calm down. I housebreaked trained him and thought"sit" and "come" myself (he's still not very good at coming). But, since i never had a dog before, I think we are doing just fine. It's just so good to come home and have that little ball of fur waiting for me!
    He is 8 months old now and he is changing everyone's lives back here. I got him 2 months ago, and found this website around then, but I was too lazy to subscribe 😃

  • Welcome to our community!

  • Hi, welcome. Do you have any photos of Tom to share, we all like photos. Lot's of great information here on the forum and helpful people if you have any questions about the breed. My dog Kaiser(10 months) went through his second puppy stage at around 7-8 months and did a little destruction mainly his poor toys but is overall turning out to be a good dog. My best advice would be if you see a bad habit starting stop it as soon as possible other wise it could be a losing battle. Enjoy your pup.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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