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    i got some k9 adv 2 from pedmeds.com.for the b and the lab,for isis i got the 21-55 # doseage, now im questioning it, the next size down was 11-20 lb which is a 9 lb difference , the next size listed was 21-55 which is 34 lb difference thats big in my book for a b thats maybe in the mid 20 lb range, im afraid that i might od her, i called the vet but hasnt called back yet, wondering whats your take on this thanks

  • If your dog is mid 20s, the dosage is fine.

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    Hey MustBeCrazy,

    I use the 11-20lbs Advantixll as well for Uzie and he is 27 lbs. I have had no problems with him and the parasites or biting flies. I just hated the thought of over dosing!!! And if you use it every 4 weeks (spring thru fall), you'll help with prevention. During the winter,(if you use it at all) you could go 5, 6, or almost 7 weeks since your climate has the critters dormant. I read somewhere, don't have the statistics, but if you really do research you will find information such as this….

  • I used Frontline for years, but I used it in March, not again until generally June, then in Oct. After a few years here, we no longer had fleas. When I'd bring in a rescue, sometimes we'd get a few but one round of Frontline was all they needed. I haven't had a flea in at least 5 yrs, btw.. so I don't use ANYTHING unless I have a problem. When we lived in an apartment in PA, we had no choice as they were always there. But with my own yard and no neighbor connecting my yard with pets, no new fleas.

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