• some recent pictures of Malaika and Kwame on holiday in Scotland

    Malaika finds a sunny spot

    Kwame after his swim in the sea

    Rockabye Kwame



    Malaika dives in as Kwame thinks about it







  • Great pictures. So nice to see Malaika and Kwame again!

  • I love that you put out a towel and pillow for sunbathing!! They look so entertaining!

    Can I ask what you used around the deck rails? I've been looking for something like that so I could more "safely" have Oakley on our porch?

  • thanks Helena
    Chelsea it's windbreak netting which we bought in a roll from Amazon, we just stapled it onto the wood

  • Great pictures, as always. RE: "Rockabye Kwame", nothing in this world looks so comfortable as a comfortable Basenji. 🙂

  • Great pics. Is that water not cold? I can't imagine my basenjis sticking their toes in the North sea.

  • yes agile it is quite cold but warmed by the gulf stream apparently so not quite as bad as it could be. Malaika is absolutely fascinated by any body of water that moves, she regularly goes in up to her chest. Kwame has grown to love the water too from watching his big sis,lol. He actualy swam ( with some gentle encouragement ) We had the dogs on lunge reins and i was in the sea 30 foot away from Kwame on the shore. He's such a wimp that he stood there crying before wadeing out to me, he was in up to his chest so i gently moved him a little deeper so he had to swim. Have to say he was not impressed.

  • Great photos, looks like a wonderful vacation!

  • thanks everyone
    Agile, my husband has just pointed out that it's the Irish, not North sea. Still quite chilly though 😉

  • @MacPack:

    Great photos, looks like a wonderful vacation!

    we have a caravan in South West Scotland Anne and we love it there, so tranquil

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