NV-Las Vegas-7 and 11 Yr Old-Free-On Craigslist

  • Owner passed away and the person cannot keep them. Must go together! No mention of sex or any other information. They are good loving dogs. They need a loving home!

    Here is the ad:



  • how very sad.
    Personally, I've never understood the "must go together" as once the dogs are out of that home, there's no guarentee that they will still be together and 2 dogs are much harder to place than just one

  • I sent an e-mail she answered and said she had contacted BRAT and they had been evaluated by them. Did not say whether BRAT would take them, hope so.

  • My Arnie could live without the dogs he currently lives with but I think he would not be happy unless he lived with another dog.


  • I think they've been taken into rescue. I was talking to someone in Vegas over the weekend and she was telling me about them coming into rescue. Not sure if it's BRAT or not.

  • My Maggii would have loved to be an only dog, while she got along fine with all the others, you just knew that she had in the back of her mind that she would have loved being the "Queen B"… And we lost our elders, except for Kristii, I was worried that she would miss the others as she was never an only dog.. but surprise to me she did just fine, save the deep from the soul howl every now and again....

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