Changing Avatar
First Basenji's

I know this is just crazy…I just wanted to use Buddy's pic as orinnally did long ago when I joined. I can look at him without getting emotional and He was just so handsome! So the avatar is back!

Definitely a handsome boy! We still wear t-shirts with pictures of our last, dearly missed, Sunny, who is also the wallpaper picture on my husband's computer. Gone but never forgotten….....

A wonderful avatar and good to have a constant reminder of Buddy.

First Basenji's

thanks for the replies. Yes, a constant reminder as they are all never forgotten-indeed!

It is not crazy at all!!!

What is more beautifull to see and keep our beloved friend close to us?
We can remember their great time with us..

We called our ship and company after my very first own dog Spranky…
So are we crazy too? 😃

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