• So I got a bit more info from the lady I got my newest girl from. She claimed the lady who sold her my girl sold her on a spay contract (she was never spayed) and didnt give her papers. But her parents were registered and supposedly came from Show stock…but was born "mis-marked" so she was sold paperless with a spay contract for $200. The breeder is in Dallas. She doesn't have a name anymore. Im limited on info but maybe someone can track her down. Id like to get my girls pedigree just for my own personal knowledge. Her birthday is May 2nd roughly of 2011. So she is a year old. She was sold to a lady in Lawton/Cache area of Oklahoma which is where I recently got her from. I also know her sire was red/white and her dam was a tri (my girl is a tri). Thats all the info I know...hope someone can help me track her breeder down.

  • First of all, there is no such thing as "mis-marked" in Basenjis. And being born May is QUITE unusal for Basenjis, so I would question that also, but it could happen….. And responsible breeders/show breeders do not sell puppies without papers as it is frowned on by AKC. So I would question that it was a responsible show breeder. More like a BYB or PM. Sad to say that there are more then just a few of these in Tx.

    There is a Wagonwheel Basenjis in Rockwall, Tx (east of Dallas) who would be considered a Back Yard Breeder. There is also another breeder in or around the Dallas area, who's name I can't remember right now (maybe Lisa V might remember) that breeds many Tris, tries to pass them off as show dogs and has even gone to a few shows...

  • Oh wow I hope my little girl didnt come from a back yard breeder. Sadly it sounds like she did. She claimed because she didn't have a full collar she was "Mis-Marked". Yeah because she didn't uphold the "spay contract" she wasn't given papers is also what I was told. Im going to be sending off for a fanconi test through the OFA just so I know she's not a carrier and she will also be in the database. The one whose name you cant remember MAY be her. I was told she was purchased IN Dallas. I don't think I'd ever breed but I would at least like to know her heritage and such. I traced my boys back pretty far once and it was really cool. Would be interesting to find it and post it on here since you guys know more about lines and breeders than I do. Im new to this whole thing.

  • I still can't remember those people in the Dallas area, but I do remember that when they were selling puppies, they would price according to markings… so with the comment you are saying that if no full white collar they are mis-marked sounds like it is that same person(s).
    Oh an as far as marking so, visit my website and go to the News page, note the Tri girl that is a conformation champion, NO FULL COLLAR... again not mis-marked. In fact I prefer less white. I am also fairly certain that these people didn't test for fanconi.. so yes, you should do the DNA test for her status, could be Clear/Carrier/or (hopefully not) Affected for Fanconi.

    I also have no idea (since I can't remember the name) if they are still breeding. At one point a few years ago I think they have four litters one year... they also on their website had something to the effect that they were an "AKC approved Kennel", which there is no such thing and were reported to AKC. After that they took that off their site.

    There are only two responsible breeders in the Dallas area and I can assure you, she didn't come from either of them, so sorry to say, she 99% came from a Back Yard Breeder. I am sure the name will come to me or like I said, Lisa V might remember the name.

  • Yeah sounds like it may be them. Id love to get a hold of them and see what they have to say. I found the contact for Wagonwheel in Rockwall and will be giving them a call just for the heck of it. If I cant get a hold of the suspected people in Dallas Ill be sending off for a DNA test from OFA. I'd love to get into breeding but don't want to be classified as a back yard breeder myself. So I am going through all necessary steps to avoid that. I want to be responsible should I decide to breed. Both my dogs are cleared healthy from my vet and now Ill be doing the DNA test for Fanconi so I have record of it as well.

  • There are also two sisters who have been breeding in, Ft Worth, TX, I believe. They do have tris and have had off season litters. Not sure if they are selling on spay contracts or basing quality on markings. They were told about the Fanconi test on FB but I am not sure that they have done any.

  • Ive been doing some searching for Dallas area and haven't turned anything up yet. I spoke with Wagonwheel Basenji's and he is def. not her breeder. He was a very nice guy though and told me if he comes up with any other breeders in the area he'd let me know. He understood me wanting to know more about her lineage and to find out if she's a carrier of Fanconi. Though i already knew he still mentioned doing a test for $65 through the OFA. He seemed pretty knowledgeable.

  • Good for you to get the fanconi test, it really eases the worry. As far as breeding, I'm not telling you not to but I wouldn't recommend breeding with a dog who hasn't come from a responsible breeder or better yet one you aren't 100% sure of the pedigree. I would consider that irresponsible because even if you clear her healthwise, she could produce puppies with issues present in her geneology. Just consider that.

  • Chealsie is right. If you are thinking about breeding then you should find a responsible breeder to mentor you. Many of the inherited diseases in basenjis do not have a DNA test so you need to know and understand the pedigrees you are breeding so you can minimize the risk of producing affected puppies.

  • Very true. If I cant find her breeder Ill probably end up having her spayed. Is there any tests that can be done for any other issues she could have? I know Basenji's can have glaucoma issues as well as hip problems too.

  • Im not giving up till ive exhausted all options lol. I really think the person Tanza mentioned may be it though. Hope she or Lisa will remember a name!

  • @lvoss:

    There are also two sisters who have been breeding in, Ft Worth, TX, I believe. They do have tris and have had off season litters. Not sure if they are selling on spay contracts or basing quality on markings. They were told about the Fanconi test on FB but I am not sure that they have done any.

    I know of one ft worth breeder who is a friend of mine on Facebook. Amy Jones. She is retiring as she is 50yrs old and has Fibromyalgia(sp) and her litter she had in June has only one pup left. I know her dam is a tri and her sire sis black/white. She's not my girls breeder and she is trying to help me find who she may be.

  • Glaucoma is not an issue for Basenjis? Not sure were you heard that? However they can have eye issues, biggest is PRA and Basenjis should be checked by a board certified Ophthmologist. Other tests that should be done are hips, elbows, thryoid, patellas before considering breeding. And even if you find the breeder regardless if they tested for Fanconi, you still should have her tested (and the boy too if you have not already). Of course the male should also have these tests.

    You should really reconsider breeding…. even if you find the breeder, unless you do parentage DNA to verify the sire and dam. I would never trust a BYB to give correct information and then of course there is the question of registration. AKC registration... and since this person already sold this bitch with no papers (again which is frowned upon) would you really get the papers from them? More then likely they are going to want to charge you money to get them and then it will cost you a higher amount because of the bitches age to register her.

    Then you need to ask yourself, why are you breeding? What does she have to offer the breed? And as you found out with the opps litter, not always easy to place puppies and then there is the cost of raising them. As Lisa pointed out you would be better off finding a mentor and if really interested in breeding, starting off with a well bred Basenji whos background is known.

  • Good points Tanza. I think Ill end up getting her spayed. I would like to breed to help improve the breed…and Ill probably look into a puppy with a good background. Id like to find one relatively local. And true about the oops litter. My boy is of good health so id like to use him for my stud and his background is known. Im interested in finding a female puppy from a good breeder who is relatively close by to breed with. I think Nikita will be spayed in the next few weeks. Ill be calling my vet.

  • I am aware of the costs to raise a happy healthy litter and Im prepared for it. I have an amazing vet who is pretty familiar with the breed also. Id hate to use a bitch who could make the breed worse not better. So Id like to find a good female to use who would improve the breed.

  • Has your male been health tested for all the test noted (Fanconi, hips, elbows, eye exam, thyroid, patellas)? Do you know the health status of his siblings?, Sire, Dam? All health tested?

    If we go back to your first posts about your male, it was noted that his sire and dam are not in the OFA data base, neither is he and even the breeder you got him from said that the sire and dam were nothing special…. And looking at the pedigree of the sire and dam, they are both from Back Yard Breeders with no health testing. Were his sire and dam DNA tested for Fanconi? And looking at his pictures, I can see a number of conformation faults, not that it would automatically make him undesirable for breeding, but judging by the sire and dam's names, his breeding is not from quality Basenjis. When you consider breeding you really have to be honest about your dog(s) and what they have to offer the breed and what are their faults. The same comments about finding a mentor were expressed when you first joined the forum.

    That is the reason that responsible breeders show their dogs or do performance events. Shows what they have to offer the breed... along with their temperaments.

    This all may sound "mean", but it is the truth.... Even many finished champions shouldn't be bred and are not...

  • Oh I dont take it as mean. I was TOLD the parents had been tested but if they aren't in the data base I will be doing an OFA test myself. Ive put an order in for the $65 test for my girl…though shes to be spayed I want to make sure she wont have issues with Fanconi in the future. Ill be putting another order in for one for him.

    Just curious about his faults? What do you see? I may look back on past posts and re-read what some people have said to me. I really do want to be responsible about it all. Which is why Im here posting and taking everyone's advice.

  • I would prefer to do that kind of thing privately. However, go to the standard for the Basenji and compare how he measures up…

  • Tanza, Ill check that and im also curious what you see. ou.girl.liz09@gmail.com is my email addy. I dont mind showing my addy here.

  • You can find my email on my website

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