TX-Austin-7 Month Old PB-On Craigslist-Will Trade for Some Cool Guy Stuff

  • These ads are getting crazy in TX! I assume this is a boy since the name is Ace. He has no papers but looks PB and is red & white. Owner works too much! He is asking $300 or trade. Anyone that will trade a dog for electronics or guns is nuts. Can someone get this boy please? He definitely deserves another home!

    Here is the ad:



  • Ad has been flagged for removal.

  • I was able to pull up another ad.

    Here is the new ad:


    In case the ad has been flagged, here is the contact info:

    call or text Ray@ 512-709-4 three 7 six


  • "Cool guy stuff…"???? I can't believe there are people out there like this. 'I will trade my dog for cool guy sh*t'

  • I feel sorry for the poor pup! I hope he has been socialized and is friendly. Is there anyone that could get this boy? Perhaps one could negotiate on the price! I wonder who is breeding non-registered Bs as I really want to know.


  • I have a sick senior boy and can't take this poor little guy, but if someone can go get him and give him a good home, I can dredge up some "cool guy stuff" to help trade for his life. People have ceased to surprise me. They really have.

  • OMG - those are the biggest ears i've ever seen on a basenji. Poor pup. I hope he finds a good home.

  • does not look pure bred to me,mine never looked like that….

  • He could be a mix but he looks mostly Basenji! He looks to have a narrow head/face, narrow chest and a low tail set. He also looks thin to me. I am going to send the info to someone and see what she thinks about him.


  • And he could be just a poorly bred dog. He reminds me of the person that was breeding Basenjis with fox terriers in the Southwest years back

  • First Basenji's

    As per agile's post, looks like the puppy has now been dumped in a shelter:

  • I sent the info to Rick, a BRAT advisor in TX. These owners just make me want to scream!


  • First Basenji's

    No kidding. 😞

    I've seen a few other trade ads for dogs before… the worst were some guy in Nevada who wanted garden rocks (?! but probably a more fitting 'pet' for him) and some girl in my area who was willing to trade her Shiba for MAC makeup, New Balance shoes, or a samurai sword (so she could commit seppuku?). You have to wonder about the mentality of people who are so upfront about admitting that their dogs are mere objects to their minds...

  • It's sad to me to hear people could even consider pets equal to rocks, makeup or cool stuff. Makes me feel hopeless about good ownership among animals…which is only going to worsen the abondonment and overcrowding of animals in shelters.

    Poor animals just have so little hope when you think about it, each one that gets a good home or caring owner is a blessing. Because for every good home there are thousands without

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