New "group" for Arizonans!
First Basenji's

I've just created a new group on Basenji Forums (located under the 'community' section) for basenji owners in Arizona.
We may want to share dog park information, etc.
If you are interested, please join!

Mesa, AZ
"Mom" of Haley, Prince, and Roby

Arizona Basenjis

I want another Basenji.I live i Lake Havasu.
Do you know of any breeders with in a few hundred miles?

My first boy, Bob ,had fanconi and lasted 8 years .my second boy pete had a full life was with me for 17 years.

I'm thinking of a female ….!

First Basenji's

My girl has fanconi and is 13 and half I give her human. Centimeter vitamin half every other day and earthborn bison dog food she is doing good.

Are you looking for a puppy or an adult? There is now a DNA test for Fanconi. Make sure whoever you buy a pup from is doing all the necessary health tests. I am sorry your boy died at a younger age of Fanconi. My girl had Fanconi but died at 13 of a liver mass/tumor. She did well on the Fanconi protocol.

Here is the BCOA webpage for breeder referral:

Here is the BRAT rescue page:


Arizona Basenjis

RESCUE! Also there is a breeder in Glendale. Can't think of her name but if pressed I could come up with it.

Arizona Basenjis

Sadie-we are going Saturday morning to the dog park in Central Phoenix, Steele Indian School Park. We live in Arcadia - let me know if you want to meet up sometime.

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