• I live in Tracy, CA and adopted my Basenji mix, Mackey, about 2 years ago. I was browsing the People for Pets website and this handsome little face was staring back at me. I knew right then I had found my "friend"!. However, I had no idea what a Basenji was and of course I browsed the internet and read as much as I could on the breed. Mack is such a blessing. He has an awesome personality, funny, extremely intelligent and so well-behaved. I know we were meant to find each other!

    According to the adoption papers and medical records, Mack is mixed with Mini Pin, which probably accounts for the reason that he does actually "bark"…lol. Fortunately, he only barks when he's playing with other dogs or me, so it's never annoying. Mostly, he just loves me and I love him immensely!

    I do have concerns about Fancone disease and the likelihood of him contracting the disease, even though he is of mixed breed. I also wonder what signs I should look for...I understand the disease usually affects them around the age of 4-5 years, and Mack just turned 4. I'd love to hear from anyone who can offer some advice, or just be willing to share their experiences. I'm excited about being a part of this community!

  • Fanconi is unlikely to be a concern since he is a mix. This disease is not a dominant trait and must be inherited from both parents. Cute guy! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for your response….think I can breathe a little easier now!


  • Thank you so much for your response….think I can breathe a little easier now!


  • Yes, you should be fine regarding Fanconi with a mix… but just a FYI Fanconi can develope as early as 2 and as late as 10....

  • Welcome to the forum. Mackey is certainly a smart looking dog.

  • Welcome and Mackey is a cutie! I love the ears!


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