• Hello! I just found out about this site. Our family's basenji, Aladdin, is 15years old and his health is not good any longer, but growing up with him (I was thirteen when we got him) sure taught me a lot of love for these wild and independent dogs. He's a funny dog and has a great personality; he's suffered a stroke and so he does not do many of the things he used to, but he still can sing to us when he's happy. And that's just the happiest sound in the world, isn't it? I'm in an apartment right now that doesn't allow pets, but when I have my own place I'll certainly get another one - though NOT another puppy.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello!

  • Hello to you from Belgium-Europe and welcome.
    We are just about leaving the house now to go and see our first B puppy ever at one of the 3 B-breeders in Belgium !
    Expect to see lots of pictures one of these days on the forum !

  • Welcome to the pack even if you're inbetween basenjis right now.

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