• First Basenji's

    Id like to invite those in the Hou, TX area to join me @ the Danny Jackson Bark Park this Sunday 5-20-12 hope to see some of u out there!! for some it maybe easier to tweet me @JWinz_BASENJI i am trying to start a club here in the Houston area and well i am tired of being the only member. Hope y'all see this and if i haven't met u yet please feel free to join us!!!!!

  • Hope you got some responses! We have a regular meet-up in Tampa and it is a wonderful thing, lots of great dogs and nice people (of course!) It may take some time to get a regular thing going, keep posting, maybe leave a note if your park has a bulletin board, inviting basenji owners for a weekly or monthly meet-up. Good luck!

  • Would be interested in a club but wouldn't take my dog to that park on a dare. Two friends' dogs contracted giardia there, and the one time I went to check it out it reeked of dog poo.

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