• Finally the weather has broke!! Chevy & Chase are finally getting outside for some needed exercise and most important getting out of the house. But just when you think spring is here the forcast changes!!!! 30's & 40's and snow. Thats Michigan , cannot wait until May!!!


  • Great photos! They are beautiful…Your weather sounds comparable to VT, today and tomorrow, 6+ inches of snow!! Typical...

  • OOH sun…remember what that was like?! The weather in NJ is no better they're talking snow this weekend!! UUGGHH

  • The SUN has, for the large part, begun its return to Washington, too.

    When the sun is shining, even if the temps aren't great, Jazzy is staying out side almost all day. Sometimes when Gypsy wants in, Jazzy will sit out in the yard {in a sunbeam, of course} and really have to think about whether or not she wants to come in. And when she comes in, w/in half hour or so before she's asking to be let out again.

    I love to watch her do her B-500 on these early Spring days. You can tell she is really enjoying herself.

  • Very nice photos! What a difference a day makes. It's snowing out today. Great while the 70's lasted. Chevy's getting big . . .

  • Typical East Tennessee weather here!! 70's & 80's last week, this week 30's for lows 50's for highs. Easter Sundays here are typically warm and raining or cold and sunny. We're going for cold and sunny this year!

  • I want a Tri!

    Nice pics, they look great.

    40's for the next several days…......yuck.

  • Had a few nice days here in NY, Queens and now it's cold again. My B misses our park outings and so do I…he's driving me crazy..I have cabin fever!

  • Weather in Illinois the same 32 yesterday and maybe 40 today, my b is hurting to go and play as i have had foot problem and not able to walk her and my yard is not fenced yet plus i can't leave her out for a long period by her self as she is in season. hope it warms up soon for all b's! 🙂

  • They are so cute!! It was in the mid 80's from last weekend up until Tuesday and the weather went back down to the 30's-40's here in Louisville, KY.

  • Went out for a walk with my B today.. not so cold. I swear he knows who his park pal is cause he never bothers my husband in the morning the way he bugs me. He knows I'm the one that takes him for his long walks so he nipps me all morning when I don't take him like hello Mommy did you forget about my walk. Yes so cute except when he's nipping at your stockings and clothes. Gotto love them!

  • We got 10" of snow and it's in the 20's (the same forecasted through the weekend)!!! At least Nala's paws aren't muddy anymore, but they soon will be….

  • BBoy, when i looked at the pics i was thinking the same thing
    "i want a tri"
    no fair, my mom has 3!
    the pics are cute! we too, have been enjoying the sunshine. fender is now fine meet and greeting any dog on the street. we saw 3 this afternoon and his hackles did not go up once! i just bought a halti and today was the first day we tried it. i found it quite relaxing for him to not want to pull at all. it was annoying for him to stop and try to paw it, or use the ground to rub it off. i think with time he will get used to it and quit trying.

  • Since I grew up on the East Coast (Pa/NJ)… I can relate to the weather you all are having... me... I am very happy to be in No. California....

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