• This is my previous boy, Sunny. To make for a smaller file, (I have dial up!) I made a video with his picture and a short sound file. Hopefully this will work and you can hear his yodel! Click on the picture and it should take you to the video.

  • YES! I could see the video and hear the yodel. I am envious!

  • Sunny was a very sweet boy who came to me from Washington state. He wasn't the prettiest Basenji, but he had a lot of character and was a real sweetie. He had obedience titled Basenjis in his pedigree, but by far his greatest accomplishment was howling, which he could continue for some time once he was "triggered". I used to have a little song I sang him, which would set him off. Eventually, all it took was the phrase "you're nothing but a dog, and that is all you'll ever be!" At this cue, he would commence howling, which was quite amusing, especially since I could pick him up mid howl, and hold him upside down, and he would continue! I have often regretted not getting video of that! I am sure it would have been a winner on "America's funniest home videos". πŸ™‚

    We lost our Sunny in 2006, shortly before his 15th birthday, and we still miss him very much. Perry came to us in January 2007, and he has done much to fill the void left by Sunny.

  • Yes, I could hear the yodel - what a cute noise. It's strange that some will and some won't. I've had ones that yodel but only three of my present Basenjis do. Interestingly, they don't seem to trigger each other but have separate and different yodels. One of mine would yodel when my husband played a particular chord on his guitar.

    When I had my Kangal she learnt to yodel from one of my Basenjis and that was a sound to be heard!!

    I do wish I thought to record some but they don't do it to order.

  • I managed to get Sayblee a few times, and her saying "I want some" but alas, Arwen has yodeled 2 x in her life and Cara never.

  • The thought of Sunny yodeling upside down is too funny! Oakley came from a litter of talkers but never did he do it before I got him, he was the quietest in his litter and I always wondered on my visits if he'd talk.. I always wanted a talker, he toddled everytime I came home as a pup, less frequent now… But he just picked u a sort of grunting displeasure sound which he will make if I'm doing something like moving his bed. He also yodels as Baroos when I'm chasing him around the living room trying to scoop him up to get a stolen bra or when trying to put him in his crate. For the most art he's quiet but he does it occasionally (I'll take what he gives me)

  • I have just managed to upload a video of Perry yodeling. My talented boys! He was frustrated, waiting for us to leave so he could get his roller ball. Enjoy! (sorry about the running water…...we had a water feature in the room)

  • That was wonderful! πŸ™‚ GO PERRY!

    LOL so set Oakley up… leave out bras, have camera in hand.

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