Maryland Meetups? Baltimore County
First Basenji's

It doesn't seem like anyone in my area has ever seen a Basenji in real life before. I'd love Kongo to have some friends in his breed. He is a VERY social puppy and I want to keep him that way.
Anyone in the area let me know!

I am in Northern Virginia - maybe we could meet some weekend. You are only about 50 miles away. I have 6 month old female who is very social but I would like to have her with her breed if possible.


First Basenji's

Wanted to update this thread in case others see it. It was nice meeting you at the fun match! I look forward to doing a B play date. Let me know when you schedule something. Hopefully other friends from the match can join. Is there a dog park near you?

Yes there is a dog park near me. Its not the best, but its a dog park nonetheless. I was there yesterday and learned there is a basenji meetup every Sat at 10 am.

I would like to set something up though doing a hiking trail with the dogs. Any ideas ?

I'm in Ocean City with my boy!!!

MY wife and I live in Owings Mills and have 2 Basenjis. When people see the two of them together, they realize that it must be a specific breed but 9 times out of 10, they've never heard of Basenjis. I have yet to see any other Bs in our trips around the Baltimore area. We certainly have one of the rarer breeds!


Yes I always have people thinking if he is a mix between a corgi and a shirt inu, I think it'd absolutely hilarious

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