Still looking for new home for Keiko

  • I really dont have time for her anymore and feel bad crating her a lot. I have yet to find the perfect home for her. She is 12wks old not spayed yet. Her sister is here till June and the longer Keiko stays the more bonded she's becoming to her and separating them will be harder. So if anyone is wanting a Basenji mix (She looks and acts more Basenji than anything! She took after her dad to the extreme!) then please contact me 🙂 Her adoption fee is very low. $50. I am located in Elgin Oklahoma. She will soon be listed on BRAT as well.

  • Very cute. Please do get her listed ASAP because people LOOKING will often be looking there.

  • Well I was told 3 days ago she'd be on the site and she still isn't. I have been emailing back and forth with Lori King from Brat Mixes…she submitted it and told me via email 3 days ago "She should be listed within a couple days" Im still waiting.

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