Got a Local Artist to Do a Drawing of Tagaroo
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  • Obviously this picture were drawn from another image, there was no way I could get him to stay still long enough for this to be done….:rolleyes:

    Lmk what you guys think, If you want one done for your Basenji, Contact me for inquires.

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  • Very nice :)

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  • Do you freehand draw, or do you use Photoshop, etc.? The likeness is amazing! :D

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  • This is all free hand. No photoshop at all. Picture of the drawing was taken from a D3000

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  • Nice! Are you getting the 'tat of him?

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  • @MacPack:

    Nice! Are you getting the 'tat of him?

    I will be, but it will be a different image. Custom, with a lot of symbolism.

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