New BCOA Basenji University courses

  • Thx Linda. I was thinking I might want to try getting one of my dogs ready for obedience for next year and one ready for agility. Your videos are inspiring. I remember watching you and Katy Scott at Nationals in Colorado and thinking how amazing you and your b kidz (and Katy and her b kidz) were.

  • Great job on the obedience/rally course Linda!

  • Looking forward to the expansion of the College. I would really like some tips on training for racing (LGRA etc). My female loves to run and she is quite fast (I've been told she has very good potential). But when I took her to the local LGRA races last year a couple of "experienced" dogs got extremely aggressive to her and she, unfortunately, remembered and took revenge when they were racing together. And guess who got caught and disqualified! Tips for helping her focus on the lure instead ot the other racers would be much appreciated.

  • Good luck renault1 with your goals/aspirations re: trying your hand at obed/rally and/or agility. It is not rocket scientry. If this dolt can do it, I am almost certain you can too!

    Thanks KimMc.

    Wizard - the webmaster would very much like to have more courses as well, especially the lure coursing one. My understanding - a person was asked over 1 year ago to put something together and nothing has been done, despite repeated "promises" to the contrary. Unless and until the webmaster decides to ask another person (I personally think they should) - that course will remain undone. So it is not a lack of effort on the BCOA webmaster. Sad, but true and one of the downfalls of relying solely on volunteers. I have learned many people talk a good game but when it comes to actually participating, they are no where to be found.

  • Ah well, such is life – volunteers are volunteers.

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