Tag and Cars
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  • Im a big automotive enthusiast and Tag always gets curious likes to help out. :rolleyes:

    Pic I was trying to take while working on the car.

    And then he steps in front of the camera.

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  • Great picture!

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  • With a face that cute he needs to be in front of the camera ;)

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  • Little show off! :p
    In the first picture, is that a trophy he caught? :D

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  • V

    I like the last pic the best!!!!!

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  • Well, he did what any self respecting basenji would do - you are allowed a few seconds to focus on something else, but after that, it's 'basenji time' again!

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  • @crystalncody:

    He's gorgeous and he knows it!

    Im pretty sure I agree…. It's like he knows his pic is being taken sometimes.

    Poses, looks over at you, stays in the same spot, looks away ....

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