• Hi again everyone! I joined this forum several years ago, after first acquiring my basenji but kind of fell out of it. Apparently though I have missed some important information so I will try to check here on a more regular basis. I am a full time student and part time server. I have two dogs Ananda a 10 year old coyote mix, and Kiora a 6 year old basenji.

    Ananda's likes include: walks, chicken, napping, giant dogs, polite children, and time with her mommy.
    Dislikes include: baths, nail clippings, cats, being pestered by Kiora
    Nicknames: Ms Ananda, Lady

    Kiora's likes include: walks, treats, running around like a maniac, playing with her best friend Keoke, chewing, sunbathing, and lording her superiority over every living thing.
    Her dislikes include: water and any other kind of wetness that might make contact with her body, not being the center of attention, anyone who doesn't submit to her will
    Nicknames: Devil, Roo

  • Coyote mix? How did you stumble across that?

  • I got her from my neighbors when I was a teenager. I live in New Mexico so coyote mixes aren't as uncommon as in some places. Her father was a coyote/terrier and her mother a chow/shepherd.

  • They're called Coydogs. Because Coyotes are abundant in that area. We have Coyotes here which I've run into hiking with Buddy but I have not seen a coydog yet.

  • Wow, your coyote mix looks much like mine. Katana was half chow/half coyote. She made noises that would make the hair stand on the back of your neck. I really miss her. 😞 The head of a big chow rescue in NY also has a chow/coyote.

  • Welcome back. I've never seen a coyote mix - she's very pretty. Kiora is pretty too and sounds a typical Basenji. Are the coyote mixes nervous? I'd love to hear more about them.

  • Ananda is the only coyote mix I have first hand experience with, I don't usually call her a coydog because she's only 1/4 coyote. I wouldn't call Ananda nervous but I acquired her as a young puppy and she got a lot of socialization and exposure as a pup. When she was young she did was a little unpredictable: When she was 9 weeks she threw a tantrum and chomped down on my hand…hard. She also had a lot of food guarding behaviors....I had to work with her a long time to get rid of that.

    She has a strong prey drive and will go after cats, birds, etc...Once she jumped straight up in the air and caught a dove in mid flight. She does not play with toys. When she was a puppy she did...she loved to play fetch with her stuffies and actually plastic soda bottles were a favorite, at two years her interest in toys vanished. She will occasionally play with other dogs, but very seldom. She does not tolerate over the top behavior from other dogs, she expects them to be calm and polite. She does adore giant dogs like Great Danes, St Bernards...etc. She is very impressed by their size. Once she saw a horse and she was in heaven thinking it was the King of the dogs.

    She can be very stubborn when she doesn't want to do something, which is a bit similar to Kiora.

    She has really mellowed out a lot in the past few years, as she gets a little older. When she was younger she was really not a fan of kids, and I would not take her around young kids for fear that she would try to discipline them like a puppy. Now she adores them.

  • Very interesting - I don't think anybody has one in the Uk. It sounds as though they are a specialist dog and need careful rearing.

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