• I entered this contest by Del Monte to help earn money for my classroom. I teach 7 science classes, 3 Biology classes, 1 Earth Science class, 2 Physics classes, and 1 7th grade Life Science class. Supplies to do hands on science add up quickly so $750 could really help to enrich my classroom activities and help me to present engaging lessons to my students. Vote for me at this link so I can win one of the prizes offered in the next few Mondays.


    Thank you.

  • First Basenji's

    Voted! Good luck!

    Seven classes?! Do you have to teach them all at once? That sounds like quite a load.

  • I have 2 Bio and 1 Physics class on Monday and Wednesday at one site and then I have 7th grade Life Science, Earth Science, Physics, and Biology on Tuesdays and Thursdays at another site. I am also the adviser for the leadership club at the second site. It can get quite hectic sometimes but they are good kids.

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