Vote for my class

I entered this contest by Del Monte to help earn money for my classroom. I teach 7 science classes, 3 Biology classes, 1 Earth Science class, 2 Physics classes, and 1 7th grade Life Science class. Supplies to do hands on science add up quickly so $750 could really help to enrich my classroom activities and help me to present engaging lessons to my students. Vote for me at this link so I can win one of the prizes offered in the next few Mondays.

Thank you.

First Basenji's

Voted! Good luck!

Seven classes?! Do you have to teach them all at once? That sounds like quite a load.

I have 2 Bio and 1 Physics class on Monday and Wednesday at one site and then I have 7th grade Life Science, Earth Science, Physics, and Biology on Tuesdays and Thursdays at another site. I am also the adviser for the leadership club at the second site. It can get quite hectic sometimes but they are good kids.

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