• I decided to try and get my lawns mowed last night after work. It wasn't raining and we have to take advantage of the dry weather while it's here in the Seattle area!!!!:):)

    I got the back yard mowed but it started to get too dark so I decided to wait and do the front lawn today. I pushed the mower into my shop and both bs were in there wrestling. "Let's go", I tell them. They wrestle their way to the door and out they go. So I thought…...Cue scary movie music.:eek:

    I lock up the door and go inside. I'm changing into my PJs and I notice that Bandit seems very happy, on the bed with a chew hoove. Whenever she seems overly-happy it's because the little pest, Hunter, isn't around bugging her. I call Hunter, he doesn't come. I go outside and call his name, he doesn't come. Hmmmm, there's only one place he could be. Inside the shop.

    I grab my keys and put on some sandals to go set the poor puppy free. He bolts out of the open door like a caged animal. He runs across the yard and hops up on the picnic table. His poor little body trembling with fear and anxiety!!!! He lets out a BAROOOOO to let me know that he can't believe he survived being locked in the cold, dark shop for almost 3 whole minutes!!!!!!!:):):)

    I take him inside, wrap him in a warm blanket and give him extra treats. So grateful he's still alive!!!!!!:):):):)

  • Wow that was horrific! Who needs cable TV when you have this kind of excitement and entertainment! 😃

  • Poor Hunter - forgotten by his Mummy! I'm willing to lay odds that this doesn't ever happen again!!!

  • Clearly the poor soul is utterly traumatized by these horrible events…

    ...I think you need to apply love and cuddles to make sure he makes a complete recovery 😉

  • First Basenji's

    Poor little dude! He may not be fully recovered yet - he needs another treat! 😉
    Favorite part of the story: Bandit happy as a lark chewing on her chew hoove….....thinking "I'm an only-child now"!

  • Laugh..only-child now that brother is in the garage…mom loves me best..laugh..glad this had a happy ending..

  • HAHAHAHA!! That happened to Becca once. We were camping somewhere and someone went in a shed to get some chairs, being that we were way out in the middle of nowhere she was off-leash. Well she followed someone into the shed to 'investigate' and then ended up being locked in there for about a half an hour. Never made a sound while we were yelling her name all around and desperately trying to find her. Finally found her in the shed.

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