• For those of you who think foxtails are no big deal if you are walking on lead, think again. We were out for our morning walk as usual Gypsy tied Nicky up with the leash, and as I untangle him she darts into the one corner with a foxtail plant. She ends up with one in her eye. I couldn't restrain her alone by the time I get an extra pair of hands it is under the lid. Trip to UC Davis since it is closest and open. Been here since just before 8am. Foxtail is now out but have to wait for antibiotic ointment.

    Watch out for foxtails, even on leash walks!

  • Oh dear. Yeah, I know big deal and dangerous. Gotta say I am SOOOO glad we don't have them here. Glad she is okay.

  • First Basenji's

    ACK! That sucks. I hope there's no permanent damage.

    I guess I wouldn't say that they're "no big deal," but it's obviously hard to watch out for them all the time, even if you're already well aware of their dangers. Sorry to hear that this happened. 😞

  • No permanent damage except maybe the $255 bill to my pocketbook. We were very lucky and it was just under the lid and though it cause some abrasions there were no ulcerations of the cornea. 7 days of antibiotics and she should be fine.

  • Ivoss, I am so glad that she came out relatively unscathed, unlike your wallet.

    I looked up a picture of foxtails. We have those HERE! I'm going to really make sure Kipawa does not meet up with them. Scary.

  • The hunting dog trainer I work for has stressed the dangers of foxtails to me several times in the 2 years I've been there. He and another local trainer have actually each had one of their dogs die from getting a foxtail up their nose or in their eye & boring itself deeper into the cavity and causing an infection. Granted these guys have been in dogs for over 30 years and 15 years (respectively)….and this is two dogs out of hundreds over a lifetime....so it isn't a HUGE risk but it is still a risk.

    This year is really bad for foxtails too where we live....they are growing up everywhere! All we can do is check the dogs over really well after we take them for a run....hard to avoid them when you are training hunting dogs, can't exactly keep them out of the fields πŸ™‚

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