• O.k not that I'm complaining at all about this behavior but wanted to know if your B's do this also…Champ has now started to sometimes just go to the middle of the floor sit and look at me. He looks so cute and I love when he's calm like this but what's with that..Do I give him a treat to reward such angelic behavior. Do I go over and rub, kiss him. Just leave him alone? I wonder what he's thinking at these moments, really wish I could read his thoughts. Funny I'm so used to him being a nut around the house, I consider this behavior unnatural...that's funny..lol:D

  • Look out!! He's probably devising his next plan of action!!

  • I think they just have moments of calm…even storms have calmness after it's over 🙂

    Don't do anything just enjoy....aaaaahhh lol

  • Jazz will stare at me when she wants something. After two years I am getting reasonably good at figuring out if she wants a lap, a treat, etc.

    What cracks me up is occasionally she will sit with her face at the wall or a piece of furniture and just stare…like she's in a time-out or something. LOL
    I think those times she is tired and just sort of vegging until she finally decides to lie down and go to sleep.

  • My B seems to do it the most right in front of the bedroom. Maybe he wants to lay down with me on the bed..he loves being on the bed and naooing with us.

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