Walk or Play Date for Los Angeles Dogs?

Hi all SoCal basenji owners - officially moved here now from Boston. Are those Laurel Canyon meetups still happening? How often? Would love to get my boy out playing with all you other B's!

So far as I know, they are still happening. When I went, an animal control officer demanded to see proof that my dogs were currently licensed. So, if you go, take proof of licensure with you.

Hi, this is the 1st time I'm posting. I have a 2 yr old chi/basenji mix and live in LA and would love to be able to meet up other local basejis and owners. Are people still meeting up in Laurel Canyon?

Plan on going to Laurel Canyon tomorrow with my B. Plan on getting there around 10:30am. Hope to see other B's out there too!

sorry I hadn't seen these posts until today - YES many Bs will be there tomorrow around 10:30 am - 11 am…see you there!!

What a great time today at Laurel Canyon! Such a great showing of B and B owners 🙂 Anyone in the area that hasn't come yet, definitely join us sometime!

Will you guys be there next weekend? I had wanted to come today but I wasn't able to.

From what everyone was saying there is always some subset of the entire group every Saturday starting 10:30am. I definitely plan to return next weekend 🙂

We do have B's there from our group every weekend. There are now about 16-18 B's!
On a rare occasion they will all be there, but usually half that every Sat am show up.
We have a facebook page for our group of LA basenjis as well called "the real Basenjis of hollywood"….so we can share pics and such.
Hope to see you soon!

Thanks for the info, BellaJane. I'm going to try to go next Saturday. I just looked up the group on facebook and I'm going to request to join it. I only have a B mix, but he acts and thinks he is a full B. So whoever runs the group- please accept my friend request! 🙂

I live in the Pasadena area. I've been a member of this forum but haven't posted in a long time. I had to re-register to get back on. Anyways, I've had playdates at my house before with some of the local basenji owners. I have two basenjis – Talker and Savannah.

I live in the north part of Pasadena; near Sierra Madre Boulevard. Talker does well with other basenjis; Savannah is friendly but very shy. Would love to get together for a good walk with Talker; he needs it.


Hi Laura
My B mix would probably have a great time with your B's, if you want to get together sometime. His most favorite thing to do is to run around a yard with other dogs and play. Let me know if you ever want to meet up 🙂

Hi tee!
Thanks for responding. Per the rules and guidelines of the forum I'm not allow to post my address. Let me know what area you are in and maybe we can meet for a walk


I live in south-west Pasadena. I sometimes walk my dogs in the Arroyo or Eaton Canyon.


(Sophie the Rattie and Mellie the Basenjet)

I live very close to eaton canyon. Let me know when u plan tobe in the area. Maybe we can meet up with Tree. She lives in the area also.

We are going to walk in Eaton Canyon this morning–ETA 9:30 AM

Hi sorry I missed you. I work Tuesday thru Friday. I would only be able to meet Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately this weekend is tied up on a work matter and my 17 year old cat that is very ill. I'll check back.

Hi Laura,

I'm sorry your cat is sick–it is so hard to see a beloved pet suffer.


Thank you. It's been hard. She's been ill for awhile and the options ran out for us this week. This afternoon Casey went on her journey to the bridge. My basenji s
Savannah was seen several Times this week sitting near Casey. This morning she stayed on the couch with Casey. I think savannah sensed that Casey was passing on and she was very sensitive to Casey. Talker on the other kept poking himself right up into Casey's face and was very provoking with Casey.

In the past Casey would become annoyed with talker and she would swat his face several times with no affect. She never did that with Savannah. They were friends.

I wonder if she is aware that Casey is no longer here. Casey was 17 years old and once the basenjis arrived she had a quiet presence – except when she took over the job of being my morning alarm clock. I'm going to miss that every morning.

Dear Laura,

I am so sad to hear of your loss. The awful pain we feel when a pet dies is a reflection of the intensity of the love we had for them. Please allow yourself time to be sad and grieve. Savannah will probably be sad as well.


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