• I am trying to adopt an adult female Basenji. I have a male basenji who lost his best friend to cancer last year. I have an application in with BRAT but have not had too much success finding a Basenji in NY. I live in Lockport which is near Buffalo, NY. Anyone with information please PM me
    Thank you!

  • in New York.

  • lhnelson - please contact the BCOSW rescue group if you need to rehome your B. Or contact her original breeder as he/she may take her back. Most reputable breeders I know do want their Basenjis back if situations change to ensure finding a home able to deal with basenjis and their unique needs.

    They are at www.bcosw.org

  • lnelson, where in WI are you? I am near Sheboygan and can pass word along if I hear of someone interested in getting a dog. My husband and I even considered getting another one, but I already don't feel like I walk mine enough, and I am not sure I could handle two!

  • I think because in another post that she said she is not papered, most likely didn't come from a responsible breeder…

  • I adopted Nadia a little over 2 years ago. She is 4years old now.She is wonderful and loves other dogs. She needs a loving home.
    Please contact me if you are interested

  • I would make sure you basenji girl is fixed so she doesn't end up in a breeding puppymill home.
    Just FYI.

  • Thank you for the heads up

  • Do you have any photos of her to post? What is she like? Have you contacted BRAT? I will ask among my basenji group here.

    Anne in Tampa

  • I contacted Brat. I believe there is a picture of her. I will post more

  • Please contact me. I have a potential adopter.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Please let me know if you need any information

  • I sent you the e-mail address of the person that is interested, e-mail her when you can, she is waiting to hear from you. I hope this works out!

    Anne in Tampa

  • Nadia May have found a home. BRAT is placing her on friday. If it works out with her new brother then she will stay. If not I will know by Sunday.
    Thank You soooo much for your time and help

  • You have worked hard to insure that she gets a good home, that is what is important!


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