• I am going to be visiting a family and litter in Ohio for a potential basenji adoption. Any chance that someone here has had experience with or gotten a pup from Kyle and Kaleonahe Basenjis?


  • He is a great breeder, and a great guy 🙂

  • Nice dogs, I think quite a few people on the forum have pups related to his

  • I got my boy Malu (Kaleonahe?s Timar Daytripper) from Kyle a few weeks ago. He was co-breed with Jean Martin of hounds of Timar. Kyle seems like a great guy. I know he is a relatively new breeder but he is very knowledgeable. I believe his first dog came from Eldorado. Malu has been a wonderful, healthy and rambunctious, companion. Best of luck with your new pup!

  • I spoke to him once and seems like a great and knowledgable guy. He is very reputable and I am sure lots of people here have good things to say about him.

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