Nothing funnier…

…than seeing Nala run out into the freezing weather (-15 F) and 3 ft. of snow on the ground (which she wouldn't do all morning:mad: ) to chase 3 HUGE wild turkeys out of her yard!:p

LOL…wish you had caught that on camera LOL 😃

At least it got her out of the house! 😃 It's sunny and 66 degrees here! :p

LOL Nala! It's funny how their priorities change when there's "intruders" (esp. of the wildlife variety!) involved! 🙂

It's sunny and 66 degrees here!

Oh good grief jen! 😃 I am SOO envious! It's a "balmy" 30 something here! ;o) 🙂

It was 59F today here! 🙂 And that's really an improvement since we've been having all those blizzards!

Oh gosh we're in the single digits here…even the Bs don't want to be outside!! 😃 😃

Sunny 🆒 and 67 gorgeous degrees today. Sorry just HAD to rub it in!!! 😃 Don't hate me.

Grrrrr…(LOL) but seriously it's a heatwave of 14 with an expected high of 23!

LOL…yeah our recent heat wave was 14!! :eek: :eek:

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