• Well Isis is now 10 weeks and is doing great in her new surroundings..People and other doggy socializing are going well too.. I just put her first collar on and you should have seen the reaction….Running all around the house....Scratching, jumping, spinning in circles,... eventually this subsided when she got a hold of her bone.

  • hello Yves and Isis! What a sweet picture of Isis as your avatar! Kipawa will be 6 months old (wow, time flies!) on the 25th of this month. He still gets bothered by the metal name tag on the collar, but not all of the time, so it is getting better. However, I'm sure you'll find the Isis's antics fun to watch. From what I can see, distraction works very well. Toss her a bone, small treat, etc. and she'll forget the collar is on. Distraction also works really well when she might be into something that is a no. Focus her attention on something else after telling her no. This works well with Kipawa. You can also give her a little squirt with a squirt bottle when you say 'no'. And lots of folks here use a squirt bottle religiously.

    Just make sure you've got the collar properly adjusted, and then have fun watching her. Perhaps take a few pictures to share with us? 🙂

  • Cara hates her collar, and she's a year old.

  • It also detracts from their beauty…. Perhaps I will only use it when we are "out".

  • Houston

    Pippin only uses his when we are outside, he has a cowbell on it so he is heard should he go in and disappear in the brush..but for indoors it is nice to not have a collar on..

    When he was younger (he is 17 wks now) I did have it on him all the time..wanted him to get used to wearing it and thought taking it off often might prolong the "getting used to it" part..

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