Spontaneous meetup
First Basenji's

Went to one of our local off-leash dog parks yesterday – a real treat after three consecutive days of rain! We were walking down the path, and all of a sudden, there were 7 basenjis.

… and multiple (2) Shibas, too. 🙂


How cool..did you know them from here?

First Basenji's

I'm not sure if they are here. They are on other Basenji lists though. Three of them belong to the blog Basenji Troublemakers, and two belong to their friend. So that means I miscounted. There were 6 B's (there was one guy lurking in the background who could've been a mix – at any rate, he blended right in).

What a surprise to meet like that. Lovely pictures!

I'd squeal with delight if I ran into this!

Wow that?s great!

I?m always hoping we meet some other B?s too!

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