• This morning, Kipawa and I went on a great walk that my sis and her Chow introduced us to last week. The area is very close to us and was called the Vancouver Wireless Station. In 1949 it was a signals intelligence station. Eventually, due to urbanization, it closed in 1971.

    What is left there is a most wonderful and safe place for off leash dog walking. The area provides lots of running room for an energetic basenji. But alas, my camera battery was not charged up, so I will have to take pictures next time. We met many folks with their dogs and Kipawa had a great time. Some of the area is grassy (dried yellow grass clumps) and I let my imagination go and pretended that Kipawa was in Africa running through grassy fields.

    It is also a bald eagle nesting area. In one tree I counted 16 eagles. All in all we probably saw about 50 eagles.

    Here are a couple of links that outline the Vancouver Wireless Station. The first has some photos of what it looks like today. The second link has more information about the reason for the station. There are little information stations that you can read as you walk around. It was quite the self sustaining community.



  • What a great place! You are lucky to have such a great place so nearby.

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