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That depends on how set you are on getting a puppy. Unless you plan to breed, a rescue Basenji is an excellent choice. After years of researching the breed, I fostered and eventually adopted from BRaT before getting a breeder puppy. I've had Basenjis of all ages in my home. The older ones are amazing. They will still play, but are easier to settle down for a cuddle. Opening my heart and home to a rescue Basenji was a life changing experience I will never regret.

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Have you considered a more mature Basenji? For example: our Bunmi is 15 and going strong (a little arthritis, but we manage). I would happily take her anywhere. More frequent potty breaks might be necessary because as we age (humans too), there may be a little less time between gotta and go.

I also have what we call our Fauxsenji. She is just a little street dog who got lucky with color and shape. She is more energetic and completely potty reliable. She went outside during Hurricane Harvey because she refused to use the potty pads. If you are willing to spring for transport, there are dozens of dogs just like her in almost every shelter in Texas. Both my girls are here to stay.

Good shelters will temperament test dogs. I'd be willing to do a personal opinion check if you found an interesting dog(s) in the Corpus Christi area. Then again, if you aren't in a hurry and would consider Texas for a vacation spot, you can test drive any number of dogs. There really are an unimaginable number of dogs available down here.

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This dog is still LEGALLY owned by BRaT. She is a foster gone rogue.

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I cannot speak on behalf of BRaT. They are aware of her activities and working to correct the situation.

We lost our Rascal (Rock'n Rowdy Rascal of Thor-Judy Brader's Thor Basenji litter 2005) to a combination of Cushings and cancer. It is a horribly painful way to die. He was sick for less than a year. I cannot imagine making an animal suffer so many years with such a diagnosis.

I cannot follow "Her" as she has made public attacks against me for a favorable opinion I made regarding my personal experience with BRaT. I have her blocked on FaceBook for that reason. It would be helpful for the situation of someone could follow her to see recent photos of the dog. Could the dog even survive this long?

I will not participate in any drama.

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