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Kristin, thanks for responding! Actually there is some lure coursing in your area. Actually the club is in Kentucky, but this club often courses in Knoxville. Here is some info for you below. I'm actually looking to come up there sometime this year as well when they do. But since it's a relatively short drive, we'd love to see you down here. The lure coursing around here is mostly in Calhoun, Ga and Cartersville, Ga., though there are other locations south and northeast of Atlanta as well. But these first 2 are closer for you (probably about 2 hours or a little more). There are some folks in Knoxville with Whippets that come down all the time.

Anyway, here is the info for your immediate area.

Bluegrass Coursing Club, BGCC (Region 6)
Jan Swayze-Curry
Columbia, KY

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I use a Martingdale every time when Gunner is on a leash! When inside that comes off. He wears a regular collar all the time with tags attached to it. I keep this on him in the event of him getting loose and running. For him it's unlikely, but you always have to plan for it. And yes the Martingdale lies on top or next to the regular collar when on leash. I use the wide variety Martingdale as I think it provides more support. I also had Gunner microchipped for identification in the off chance he gets loose and loses his collar.

Not sure on sizes.

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Beautiful pup! I actually like the unusualness of her markings! That's usually what draws people at first. I think the most important thing you said was that you were drawn to her, and I'll bet she was drawn to you. That's the key. You got the right pup, and I'm certain she will be a real beauty as an adult. Most important, don't get hung up on the fact that she was immediately classified as Pet…again, you were drawn to her...that's what is important. 🙂 Enjoy your new B! I, like you, was very excited about the Basenji breed, and I've been obsessed for over 14 years waiting to get my first B. I now have a wonderful Trindle Boy. He's not what most people would like to see in a show ring, but he's an incredible companion...we go just about everywhere together, and love him bunches!

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I've had experience twice now via air on Delta, and all worked out fine. The first time, I traveled to the location to pick up my 2 rescues. I checked them at the same time I checked luggage. They flew in the cargo hold, and I'm sure it was a bit stressful for them, but driving long distance in surroundings not familiar would be even more stressful I think. I watched them get loaded and the whole bit. The flight was only a couple of hours and before I knew it, we were home and they were running around in the backyard. So, it was a great experience.

The second time, I sent a Basenji to Minnesota using Delta Cargo, and it was a great experience as well. They checked the dog in, and held it in temperature controlled area, then took in a temperature controlled truck to the plane…where it was only open to the elements for a few quick minutes. I don't mind telling you that I was a bit nervous on his one, because I found out after an hour or so that they had to switch the crate to a different plane (as the other flight was really delayed). So, the dog to their destination a little later but still in good shape and the new owners found the dog in great condition, and again, got it home and she was running around the backyard in no time.

I honestly cannot remember the costs, but Delta Cargo was reasonable. It all depended on size of crate/dog.

Best of luck! I do think air is easier and quicker for the dog, and you'll get to see your B much sooner. I do think any travel without it's owner is stressful, so I don't think you can avoid that, but the idea is to minimize.

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Hello all! We'll be having a fun time in Calhoun, GA this coming weekend! At this point, there will be possibly 5 Basenji's entered with 3 in Open, 1 Field Champion, and 1 Veteran. Those I mentioned above will be there only Saturday and Sunday (not Friday).

Would love to see more B's join us! For more info and premium, go to:

And it looks to be nice weather to boot!

If you've never done it and are interested, come on out to see what it's all about! We can answer any questions you might have, and if we don't know the answer, we'll find someone who does.

Hope to see you!

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I am very happy that Dolce got a qualifying first and BOB! Thumbs up to Gunner too for picking up some points towards his title, too. 🙂

My van is drivable now…..barely.....but hopefully I can make it to the next event. I still want to see if Seeley will run.

Natalie and I will be at the AKC event later this month, but I think we'll only be there on Saturday and Sunday (in Calhoun again). We think there will be more B's, and would love to see you and Seeley out there. Gunner has to get tested, as he's only ASFA certified so far. It also appears that there maybe 2 or 3 others. Keeping fingers crossed! But, if you should need a ride, maybe we can figure something out, because we'd enjoy having you there!

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Hi Lisa, yes, I am going and I know another that is going, which makes 2 Opens. It's possible there may be more as I'm trying to ask around to people I know. The 2 Opens I mentioned, we are only going to be there (as it stands right now) on Saturday and Sunday, not Friday.

Are you thinking about coming? How many B's do you have that would compete, and in what category? The way I see it, the more, the merrier.

This is Gunner's first AKC event, so we actually have to do a test course first when I get there with another B. Shouldn't be a problem since Gunner is certified ASFA at the same location.

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What days will the Basenjis be coursing? Will there be any entered in veterans or field champion stakes? I am interested in going but the weather has changed up my way and the roads are supposed to be nasty Tuesday night and Wednesday morning-getting rain/sleet/snow-barely above freezing on Wednesday!

Hi Jennifer! We'd love to see you if the weather is better. Not 100% sure how many will be there but I know for sure there is 1 field champion entered and 3 entered in Open. I'm hoping more though!

Coursing is on 4 days but I think the Basenji folks that i know will be there Wed and Thurs, and possibly Friday. the FC I know is leaving Thursday after competing.

Really would like to have you there! Where are you coming from? It will definitely be nicer here and no rain is expected Wed or Thurs.

You can shoot me a private message and I'll give you my cell phone number.


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About Sheik, we've definitely been there also, earlier this year. Like you I felt terrible but we worked with both a lot and now they are best buds. Our cat liked dogs to start but the energy of B's is very high and strong prey drive so wanted to chase.

With the dog we used the leave it command quickly and the water bottle too. Most importantly make Sheik know that he is still wanted. Bring him out and pet him while on your lap and watch tv…or follow whatever old routine you had to make him feel like everything is normal. Pretty much ignore the dog a bit while you're giving attention to the cat.

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Hey all!

Calling all Basenji's that like to course! And if you've never done it but want to or interested in learning more… the Winter Challenge between Atlanta and Chattanooga would be a great event to attend. The event is Dec 28, 29, 30, and 31st (Wed-Sat). Not all days are required, so you can choose to participate in 1, 2, 3, or all 4 days.

Right now, looks like we'll have at least 4 Basenji's, but hopefully more.

If you're interested, please let me know and I can shoot you more info. The link to the premium (form to submit participation) is below:

You must either have an AKC registration, or AKC PAL registration to participate.

Please feel free to reach out to me for more info.

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Love the profile shot of Kamar! Beautiful Tri!

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Hey everyone, just putting this out there to get more interest in Basenji's lure coursing. I'm of course new to it, so I'm not an expert, but would be great to see more out there.

Next weekend is an ASFA Region 7 event in Calhoun GA not too far out of Atlanta. ( I believe there is another event the first weekend in December too in Calhoun.

I know of several already attending, but would be great to see more! 🆒

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Did you all ever meet up? Would be fun!! Gunner would love it for sure, and his friend Tucker too! I think several of us will be lure coursing next weekend in Calhoun!

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congratulations on your rescue - such big ears.

love b ears!

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She IS awesome!! My Basenji's name is Cody. I saw Gunner listed and Lindy filled me in on his first adoption attempt. Sounds like he's found a great new home!

Yeah, his first year and a halfwas rough! But he now knows he has his forever home. Cody looks like a handsome boy!

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Tag these for next year's BRAT calendar contest, you have some winners there. Love the last one, and the ones on the stairs too, of the 2 best buddies.

Thank you…I will do that!

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Was he being fostered in Des Moine by any chance? If so, I think our dogs may have had the same foster mom!

You betcha… Lindy is Gunner's Foster Mom. She's awesome! What is the name of your Basenji?

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Any update on the pups? Very cool!

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Nice to see another trindle 😃

Trindle's ROCK! 🆒

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