Simon 4yo Red Neutered Male in BCOSW's rescue

  • Hi All,

    Simon is 4 years old. The owners who gave him up got him for free from a friend. His "breeder" is Martha J Reed, and his sire is 'Mar J's African Prince', and Dam is
    'Mar J's Sheza Imperial Star'. Both are in Sally Wallis' database, and no info is available on OFA on either of them.

    Simon is small, and stocky and very cute. He very interested in exploring his surroundings, and very interested in playing with other dogs, but is less interested in playing with people. He is polite when you pet him, he is just not very interested in it.
    He is chasing the cats right now, so I would suggest a home with no cats, but with other dogs, especially other basenjis.
    Please keep Simon in mind if you know anyone looking for an Adult Basenji.

  • Here is a better picture of Simon.
    That red spot on his head in the middle of the white is so cute, you just want to kiss it. 🙂

  • He is a beautiful boy - I hope someone can find room in their homes and hearts for Simon.

  • Nicky has a spot on her forehead, we call it her "kiss spot". Simon is a nice looking boy, I hope he finds a forever home soon.

  • He is a very nice looking dog. I would think having that great photo of him will bring more interest and hopefully he'll find a new home soon.

  • We just bought a new camera last night.

    Here are some more, better pics of Simon. here he is at Kriser's, a local high-end, natural pet store.

    He was so sweet with all of the customers and with the other dog that came in while we were there.

    He is a very sweet boy, and very calm.


  • What a cutie! So you are fostering him? Any chance of a failed foster lol?

  • We are fostering him. No chance of failed foster. We are getting our show puppies this year, so we can't keep Simon. He is such a good, and handsome boy, I expect he will find a very good home.


  • Another Simon Pic.
    He is such a cutie.

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