• Is anyone out there as addicted to this show as I am? I'm really liking it so far this season - the one tribe living in "luxury" as the other tribe roughs it is a pretty nifty twist this season, I think. However the sea snakes on Exile Island would be my worst nightmare! :rolleyes: 🙂

  • Not anymore. In 2003(?), I knew Butch, so I watched all of that.

    sea snakes are incredibly docile, but incredibly deadly too.

  • Which one was Butch?

  • @Quercus:

    Which one was Butch?

    The highschool principal from Olney, IL. HE made final 3.


  • Oh, yeah! I remember him…he was really cool!

    My brother in law has known at least two people on survior, and the nutty guys who won the money on Amazing Race; oh, and neighbors with a different couple on Amazing Race. Some how he is like one degree of separation from reality TV 😉

  • Oh wow! I'm star struck! 😉 How cool that you know Butch, Vegas! I'll bet that made for some interesting viewing. Did he act the same on the show as he does in real life? I always wonder if their personalities change a bit on the show - if some primal thing comes out in them or if that's how the contestants are in real life.

    And Quercus! Amazing Race and Survivor! Your BIL is practically a celebrity by association! 🙂

  • Yes, he acted pretty much the same. The only point that really made about the show was that the producers edited it to portray people different ways, and that many times they made people look bad or good for ratings, and what was really happening was never accurately portrayed.

    During the show, he couldn't say anything at all about what had happened. However, he had a deal with a bar-owner friend of mine that he would come up to the bar for every survivor show during the season in exchange for a free wedding reception for his daughter. Everybody knew he had made it pretty far because for one, he came home so skinny, and secondly, the bar-owner that was letting him have a free reception was the "tightest" man any of us knew.

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