• As seen on Craig's List:

    LOST DOG-FEMALE BASENJIREWARD (Aurora/Mississippi and Peoria)

    Date: 2010-12-02, 1:38PM MST

    Lost on November 29, 2010
    Her name is Dora. Medium size. Brown with white.
    Last time seen was by Utah park on Peoria and Jewell in Aurora CO.
    If found please call (720) 381-8651
    Call day or night.
    A REWARD will be given if found!

    Location: Aurora/Mississippi and Peoria

  • Good morning…. can some of my basenji experts compare this photo to the girl from Kimberling Mo? Do u think this is the same girl?

    I think the nose on this girl is a little more red... but what do you think? The CL ad is no longer posted, but the phone number works... I've called and left a message to find out her status.

  • I don't think it is. This one's blaze is straight and the other's has red in her blaze.

  • Thank u… but what's s blaze? Lol...

  • The white streak on her face/neck.
    You are such a dear for posting these lost/found dogs, you are truly helping them find homes!

  • The photos are from a different angle but much of the features of the one match the other. The one has a blaze that stops at the top but the other appears to go right over the head but thenagain this could be the angle of the shot.

    Do you know if the advertiser of the missing dog been contacted by those who have the found one?

    How far is Denver from Kimberling (please excuse my ignorance).

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