I think Jazzy reads this forum….

  • …and she's getting ideas. 😞

    The last two days my normally very well-behaved lady has been into EVERYTHING!!!!!!!:mad:
    Digging in closets, pulling up rugs, stealing hairbrushes, tearing pillowcases, eating little plastic army men.

    Yup. No doubt in my mind; she's reading this forum.:p

  • you know that is not what really happened. trust me, i have the inside scoop. get this:
    your DH has been doing all these things and letting poor jazz take the blame. he is very worried about you wanting another basenji puppy. this is his way of talking you out of it. i know it sounds desperate, but you know how men dont like to compete for attention!

  • Hmmm, I wouldn't put it past the sneaky devil.

    Well, good luck to him, then, cuz there is NOTHING that will make me stop wanting another little B!

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