• There is a drive through coffee kiosk across the street from my house. Before our weekend constitutional I stop for coffee,for me, and doggie treats for the hooligans. Prior to the arrival of "lunch box" AKA Mahendra- he's pushing 40# and about 16" at the shoulder; my other 2 were not interested in doggie treats.

    The first time Mahendra went to the kiosk he was just excited to be in the car. Then he got a doggie bone. He didn't want to leave this magical place. The second day we went he was so excited! He was running around the front seat bouncing off the windows and honking the horn. When we got to the window, he started jumping up and down and smashing all the wrong parts of me so I rolled down the car window in hopes he would stop jumping. He made one final jump. Into the kiosk.

    He was running around the kiosk's counter trying to find his beloved bones. This is Idaho so most people don't really care how close dogs are to their coffee. The kiosk operater handed Mahendra back to me through the window along with my coffee and bones for the Basenjis.

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