Free 9 mos. old B in Ad-TN-possibly Nashville

  • Here is an ad that I found while searching the internet. I do not know if the dog is still available.

    9 months old.
    Free to a good home.
    Call 615-876-7186

    If the dog has been given away, try to find out who the new owner's contact information is, so information can be given to them about Bs. I am concerned because if a F she will be going into season soon or already is!


  • Hi everyone- I just saw this posting. Has anyone called the phone number? If so, can you let us know… or does someone want to volunteer to call? I saw on the BRAT transport emails that they were looking for transport through Tennessee, but I don't know if they were moving this girl or not.

    If no one wants to volunteer to call, I can. (I'd hate for 2000 people to call one number in a matter of days, especially if it's not a radio contest line! :))


  • I did not call since I am in Ohio although it is only about a 5-6 hour drive. Perhaps someone in TN or the surrounding states could call.


  • If no one else says anything,, or has contacted them, I will tomorrow, Monday, September 13th…. 🙂 Even if its just for the information, we should try to find homes for the unfortunate b's.

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