Possible Basenji 2 year old girl for adoption

The local dog rescue, OSCAR, has a 2 year old female up for adoption. A fellow owner says she's a Basenji. They have her listed as a Sheltie/Shetland Sheep dog/Whippet. Mine was a rescue and they had him labeled as a terrier and Schnauzer mix. Hope she finds a home.

![alt text](0_1529704667838_3a739ede-8479-4d1a-b362-01d6c12adfdb-image.png image url)

Could you tell me which shelter she is in, and what city/state? I do not think that she's a purebred, but I am one of BRAT's Basenji mix coordinators. Thanks

Looks like she has a sister, too!

She’s at OSCAR in New Jersey. Their website is oscarsnimalrescue.org. Her name is Ebi and she’s about 26 from the top of the list of pups for rescue. I’m up in Sussex county at the top of the state closer to PA.

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Thanks guys. they're both cuties, and at least they are someplace safe. It probably won't take them too long to find homes.

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