Basenji Rescue: Desperately Need Fosters homed Central-Eastern and North-Eastern US

  • BRAT is in desperate need of foster homes back east.
    You would have to go through the BRAT foster process, but if your willing to open your home to a b or b's in need, you could change a dogs life.
    I am posting this for William.

    I'm sending out another general broadcast because the number of new dogs coming into rescue continues to rise, and I have a backlog of dogs waiting to come into rescue with no where to go. If you can help, we urgently need your assistance now.

    A few folks responded to a previous request, letting me know they can take older, more settled dogs. Thank You! to those who replied. A few people replied from central and western states. I appreciate your willingness to assist, but long-distance transports are very difficult. We really need people in VA, MD, WV, DC, PA, DE and surrounding states. These are all reasonable 1-day transports that we have some hope of arranging with success.

    I have 5 young dogs in need of a foster home now. Please help if you can.

    J.R. Key
    Basenji Rescue And Transport
    Adoption Coordinator
    © 202.270.8447
    (f) 202.355.6484

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