Male B Mix Pup-Greenville, OH Shelter

  • Here is the link to his Petfinder page:

    He was still available earlier this week. His mom, Harper, is a PB Red & White B who is a BRAT rescue, was in the same shelter along with her pups. The pups were already spoken for so I rescued Harper only. I saw some of the pups when they were 8-10 weeks old and they looked mostly PB; however, I could not tell if they would be much larger than Bs. He was born in mid January and presently weighs between 15-20 lbs. He is not neutered yet and has some but not all of his vaccines.

    If you are interested, please contact the shelter to see if he is still available. I can probably help in transporting. Please e-mail me at I would prefer that he be neutered before going to to his new home unless you live close and I could verify that it has been done.

    I am unable to see him this weekend because one of my Bs had surgery on Wednesday. I am hoping to see him next weekend.


  • Oh, what a sweet face on this boy . I so hope someone can go get him, even if its to foster.
    Hugs for all you do.

  • I went to see him this past weekend and he is a sweetie. He has a lot of pent up energy and I hate to see him grow up in a shelter. He is a tri B mix with a wide white collar but his body is black just like a tri B. He is between 20-25 lbs and is on the smaller side but his mom is a smaller B. I did not hear him bark but the shelter worker stated that he makes noises. He is in a kennel by himself but supposedly does not bother the dogs on either side of him. I would suggest older kids only, probably 10-12 and older. He was mouthy but he never bit down on my hand. I was able to check his teeth, touch his paws, pick him up, etc. but he sure was active.

    Here is the webpage for his mom, Harper, who is available through BRAT:

    I am unable to attach a pdf file of him and his littermates as it says that it is too large. Any suggestions? I would like to post it because it shows that the pups look closely PB. I am hoping the shelter will post a better picture of him, a full body shot.

    If interested in J.D., please contact the shelter first to see if he is still available. Also contact me at I could help with a transport to IN, MI, KY, and in OH.



  • Finger crossed that this b find his forever home soon!

  • I was told by the shelter today that this boy has been adopted!


  • Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yea for him! Boo for me! We were going to look at this guy. Was hard to tell much about him from the closeups.

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