• silly question, but would a non basenji be able to be tested? I know basenji crosses can be dna tested but what about other breeds?
    I ask this because in another breed I have there are a number of siblings and a dam who have all passed away with various kidney disorders. Different vets so no uniformity of diagnosis.

    We are now strip testing the remaining siblings but would be interested if we could rule out fanconi.

  • I'm pretty sure you could if you really wanted to. If you go to the CPP website, there should be contact information for the people at the University that does the tests. I have had to contact them before and they got back to me very soon if I missed them.

  • Because the current test is a marker test and not a direct gene test, I don't know how useful the test would be. This is a question you would have to ask directly to the researchers.

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