• I know basenjis wash themselves and I have heard they also use thier feet for this task, because of this I am worried about outside dirt and germs being licked. We dont let shoes in our house so once she is in she is fine but when she comes in how should I clean her feet without bathing her, since I know they dont do water and a bath every day is inpractical. Would baby wipes work? Or puppy cleaning wipes? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I don't clean Jazzy's feet, except for when she has a bath.
    I don't think "outside germs" are really something you have to worry about
    with a dog, so much. When they are outside, they'll be licking and chewing on dirt, sticks, rocks, etc.

    I can think of worse things that they lick than their feet . . . ;-}

  • I guess when I say outside I should clarify I live in an apartment complex so its not like just the backyard its the whole outside world =).

  • I would not worry about washing her feet when you come in. I think the stuff on the wipes would probably be worse for her to lick than a little dirt and what not. As Jazzy's mom pointed out they will be sticking their nose into much worse while outside on their walk. If she comes home muddy then I would recommend just a washcloth with some warm water.

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